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Burnside Parliament

Our Burnside Parliament

At Burnside Primary School, pupil voice is at the centre of everything we do. Our school is the vehicle to allow our children the room to learn and grow; their opinions and views are vital in ensuring that their learning journey is successful.

Our Burnside Parliament is entirely comprised by pupils. It meets once each term to discuss school issues and progress towards the areas of priority on the Burnside Parliament Development Plan.

The subsections of our Burnside Parliament are:

  • The Head Pupils

  • Make a Difference Committee

  • Playground and Sports Committee

  • Eco Committee

  • Health and Safety Committee

  • Wellbeing Committee

  • Diversity Committee

The links to the minutes and actions from each Pupil Parliament meeting will be listed on this page. 

Burnside Parliament
Meetings and Documents

Autumn Term Meeting 2022

Pupil School Improvement Plan

Pupil Parliament Agenda 16.9.22

Pupil Parliament Minutes 16.9.22

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