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Outdoor Play

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At Burnside Primary School, we are proud of our unique lunch time provision.


As a school, we aim to improve the way we think and provide opportunities for play. We believe that play is essential for physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual development. In a time where outdoor play environments and opportunities are on the decline, the school grounds provide a crucial place for children to experience self-initiated play.

Our Aims

Our school play aims are:

  • To provide children with a play setting which is both stimulating and challenging.

  • To allow children to take considered risks.

  • To provide children with a range of environments which will support their learning across the curriculum and about the world around them.

Children spend up to 20% of their time in school at play. Therefore this time needs to be coherent and planned for. Changes in society such as heavier traffic, busier lifestyles, less areas for play and awareness of risk have led to reduced outdoor play opportunities for today’s children. This makes their play opportunities at school even more vital. Better play leads to happier children and in turn less behaviour problems, a more positive attitude to school, skills development, fewer accidents and more effective learning in the classroom as less staff time is spent resolving issues.

Play Zones

There are seven contrasting play zones for our children to enjoy. 

Risk Assessments

Each of the zones have been risk assessed to ensure that our children and the adults are safe. Click the link below to read more...

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