Year 1


Welcome to Year 1

Our Class Teachers are Mrs R Pattison and Mrs J Robson. Mrs K. Pearson is the teaching assistant for Year 1. 



Year 1 is a really important year as the National Curriculum begins when children start Year 1. The curriculum is organised to ensure there are clear steps to build up knowledge and understanding in a way which is relevant, exciting and practical. The Key Stage One curriculum consolidates and builds upon learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage. There is a great focus on building on the children's phonics knowledge and applying the skills all ready taught as we prepare for the national phonics test in June. We will be working hard with the children to make sure that they perform to the best of their ability

Our Learning

Details of what we will be studying this term can be found under Curriculum Plans in Our Curriculum section.

Mrs Pattison
Mrs J Robson
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Mrs K Pearson