Our curriculum has recently been reviewed. It continues to be full of opportunities for pupils to explore the world in which they live, developing curiosity and skills which can be used across a range of subjects. Please scroll down the page for Year Group Overviews and information about individual subjects!

At Burnside Primary School, we have designed our curriculum with the intention that children develop transferable skills which they can build upon year on year. Our goal is for our children to be successful learners not only in school but in the outside world. We are proud of our unique curriculum which takes into account the learning needs of all of our pupils. We know the importance of facilitating critical thinking and have arranged our non-core subjects around challenging questions for our children to explore. We also value the expertise of adults outside of our school setting such as the music service and sports coaches.

For more information about our Curriculum, please click the links below or contact our school office!

What makes our curriculum unique?

We are passionate about ensuring that every aspect of our curriculum is carefully matched to the needs of all of our children. It is our aim that each and every child learns and grows academically, personally, socially, emotionally whilst maintaining a healthy body and mind. In order to achieve this, children are provided with many additional opportunities to enhance the curriculum. These include:

  • Forest Schools

  • Outdoor Play and Learning opportunities at lunchtime

  • Lessons delivered by Music Specialists from the Music Service

  • Swimming in Years 2-5 at points across the year

  • Outdoor Adventure sessions

  • Relaxed Kids

  • Spanish and French sessions with Lingo Tots

Reading at Burnside Primary School

Our children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are taught phonics using the Letters and Sounds publication. Our reading scheme is Pearson Bug Club.

Our older children are provided with a broad range of reading materials carefully matched to their reading ability.

Enhancing Cultural Capital

As part of the curriculum, we have created an Experiences Passport which identifies twenty agreed core experiences for our children before they leave our school. Click on the link to view these below:

British Values

The Department for Education has published guidance on promoting British values in schools to ensure that young people leave school prepared for modern life in Britain. Find out how we promote British Values in our School.

A Curriculum Overview

This curriculum booklet outlines the knowledge and skills being taught year by year. It should be viewed alongside Year Group Curriculum Planning and Long and Medium Term Plans for individual subjects.




Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact