School Clubs

At Burnside Primary School, we value the role of after school clubs in helping our children to learn and grow. A Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 club is available for the children to access each evening. A variety of after school clubs are offered to the children at different times of the year (depending on the weather). Some of these include; football, film, art, gardening, skipping and multi-skills.


  • Languages Club (KS1) – Lingotots is a Modern Foreign Languages club. Children are taught a Modern foreign language through singing, art, stories and dance. This club will be facilitated by an outside provider

  • Football (KS2) – Training to help improve and develop football skills


  • Sports Club (KS2) – All KS2 children are welcome to join in with this fun Sports Club delivered by Mr Goodman (an outside coach)


  • ICT Club - Digital Detectives (KS2) – KS2 children are invited to come and learn new ICT skills, including website design, pixel art, graphic design, augmented reality, and much more with Mr Wilson!



  • Skip 2 B Fit – The Skip 2 B Fit club will be facilitated by Dave who is a coach used in school to deliver Skip 2 B Fit PE lessons. Skip 2 B Fit promotes skipping as an exciting fitness activity for everyone. It is a fun way to exercise and our children love the challenges!