Reading & Phonics



We currently use a selection of reading schemes in school to support learning and progress in reading. Our books are levelled using ‘Book Bands’ which enables us to use a selection of books from a wide variety of publishers. Although we have a wide variety of books, the main schemes used in Key Stage 1 are Rigby Star and Collins Big Cat. We also have a selection of ‘Bug Club’ books to support reading in phonics. We have introduced ‘Lexia’ in school to promote reading and spelling skills. This gives targeted children the opportunity for specific support with their reading skills.

The reading schemes used in Key Stage 2 follow on from Key Stage 1. We predominantly use ‘Rigby Navigator’, ‘Pelican’ and ‘Collins Big Cat’ although we also use books which are not part of any specific scheme. In addition to this, we are using ‘Accelerated Reading’ to promote reading for enjoyment, reading at speed and to develop a deeper understanding of the text.


As a school, it was important to us to focus and target learning towards the individual needs of the child. We, therefore, stream our teaching of phonics using all available staff and space to support learning. We follow ‘Letters and Sounds’, although we also use a selection of online activities through ‘Education City’, ‘Espresso’ and ‘Phonics Play’. Staff have received training in the delivery of phonics and how to teach the progression from phonics to spelling.


Handwriting is expected to be fluent, joined and legible. We currently use the Nelson Handwriting schemes to support formation and introduce joined handwriting in Year 3.